Why Choose PG Services As Your Colored Diamond Dealer of Choice?

PG Services has over two decades of experience in the rare colored diamond market working with top experts in the field to source the rarest and most sough-after colored diamonds the market has to offer.

We have an extensive client base and contact list with access to the most valuable and highest graded colored diamonds within any given budget range at the dealer level.

PG Services utilizes their suppliers at the major diamond bourses and exchanges around the globe as well as directly through manufacturers and private sales to offer our clients top quality goods at competitive dealer levels.

Our Chief Technical Consultant, Stephen Hofer, has over 30 years of experience selecting, grading and certifying rare colored diamonds and is considered one of the top experts in the field as the author of Collecting & Classifying Coloured Diamonds.

Strategically located in Geneva, Switzerland, a global trade and major auction center of rare collectibles, we can offer fully bonded and insured international delivery using global diamond couriers.

Our research in the market spans two decades, with monthly newsletters and quarterly reports as well as contributions to some of the most important periodicals, including interviews in Prime Magazine in Singapore and European CEO as well as contributions to major periodicals and newsetters around the globe.

So contact us today for a free consultation on the rare colored diamond market and learn how to protect your wealth over the long term using the rarest asset class mother nature has to offer.

Stephen C. Hofer

Stephen C. Hofer is considered to be the world's ranking technical and scientific authority on color measurement in colored diamonds.

In a business that is thousands of years old, Mr. Hofer is a modern pioneer. He has developed new ways of measuring color and color saturation. He developed a unique grading system for colored diamonds which is now universally recognized. An accomplished cutter himself, he encouraged and advanced the art and science of diamond-cutting for optimum color and has been an advisor to many owners of priceless rough colored diamonds. It is because of Mr. Hofer's influence that many skilled diamond cutters now strive to accentuate color even more than size and clarity.

He is the author of Collecting and Classifying colored Diamonds, the 800-page standard reference book for industry professionals and consumers alike, a book that is known for its scientific and technical insights. At PG Services, Mr. Hofer personally advises the firm and its suppliers. He is also an advisor to Christie's and Sotheby's New York as well as to many of the industry's most important dealers.

Mr. Hofer has published numerous technical papers and is a former columnist for New York Diamonds magazine. He lectures extensively and will embark on a series of international appearances, sponsored by PG Services.

What the experts said about Stephen C. Hofer's book on colored diamonds:

“May I congratulate you on the production of this important work”.
Nicholas Oppenheimer, Chairman, De Beers
“The book is an extensive and carefully thought out work which is immediately a necessary reference tool for anyone who is professionally involved with colored diamonds.”
John Block, Vice Chairman Sotheby's
“This book is without question the benchmark for the extraordinary world of colored diamonds. Any other publications, past, present or future, will be measured against this.”
Simon Teakle, Senior Vice President, Christie's

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